FL500S - Filtro Olio Motorcraft FL-500S

Codice alternativo AA5Z6714A

Part Number FL500S
Codici alternativi AA5Z6714A
Sostituisce AA5Z6714A, AA5Z-6714-A

Scheda tecnica FL500S


Motorcraft® Oil Filter Highlights Include:

Pressure-relief valves help minimize the chance of contaminated oil circulating back into the engine
Pressure-relief valves also help maintain the supply of oil to the engine under extreme cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged
Steel cases are “ironed” for a precise fit, fluted to ease removal and painted to resist rust
Efficient filter media offers increased dirt-collecting capability and ability to capture more engine-harming particles
Large media area provides optimal capacity and efficiency
Fluted case end helps make removal easier
Well bonded end plates help keep consistent pleat spacing
Perforated steel center tube helps prevent collapse under pressure

Silicone anti-drain back valves

Help prevent oil from draining out of the filter and engine when the engine is not running
Resist the aging effects that an engine’s high heat can cause
Silicone, available in many Motorcraft® oil filter anti-drain back valves, is superior to nitrile rubber, which can become brittle over time

Produttore Ford
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